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Spotify Curator Directory (250+ Contacts)

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Updated: November 2018

Playlists are currently the main form of music discovery in the music industry. Just think about it – how many new tracks have you discovered through a Spotify playlist?

That being said, why aren’t you pitching playlist curators?

This list contains the emails, social media and other contact information of over 500 Spotify curators. This includes information for both popular user-made playlists as well as official Spotify playlists. This is broken up by genre, but it also includes new music and various “mood” playlists that accept all genres.

If you want to get ahead in the modern music discovery methods, download this list and start pitching now.

An Added Bonus: We scrub our playlist database every other month for accuracy. By purchasing this, you’ll also be granted update emails every few months with list changes and additions. A gift that keeps on giving!


PS. Don’t forget about our guide to pitching curators! A really helpful guide when reaching out to playlist curators.



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